Le Petit Brevet

The brevet takes place on the 20/21 of November 2021, starting at Sunrise Saturday morning from Hansen Park, the course closes at 8pm on Sunday night. This allows for around 38 hours on course.  

This is the most "non event" of all our rides, there is no GPS tracking, there is nothing really, just a bunch of people choosing to meet up and ride around Banks Peninsular on the same day at the same time. 

In 2021 there will be three course options: 'A nice weekend out' (GPX here) for those who want an achievable challenge, 'Gravel bikes for life' (GPX) (same as last year) and a 'It's not fun unless it is type 2 fun' (You have to email me to get this GPX, it is extra special nasty 418km/14896m vert). 

In 2020 the course was set just under 300km long with over 9000m of climbing. It can be found here if you wish to be remined of the weekend that was.

Emailing greatkiwigravel at gmail dot com with the subject "Le Petit Brevet" to signal your intent to join in the fun is the only formal part of this "non event". Please include your name, cell phone number, course choice and any time ambitions. 

One of the many climbs
Photo: Scott Emmens 
Pre Ride Briefing
There will be a short briefing prior to the start of the event, only to say 'hi' to everyone, recap on the challenge and spirit of the ride and to get a few photos. It also serves as a great opportunity to dish out any last minute encouragement. 

The GKG blog will be updated with a starting list and a results list. If we receive any photos from the weekend, we will publish a photo special each year. Please email your photos to us at greatkiwigravel at gmail dot com.

Closer to the start date, there will be a blog publishing the exact start time and any extra details that will help people have fun. 

Established in 2010 by Tim Mulliner, the Le Petit Brevet starts and finishes in Christchurch. Over the years there have been various routes over Banks Peninsular all including eye water amounts of climbing and some horrific weather. The weather has nothing to do with the ride organiser. 

For inspiration, please check out the original blog, it is a fantastic source of helpful stories, photos, and handy links.